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Financial Assistance

The application process starts when you contact the Unison office by email at  Unison’s Manager of Allocations & Services will review with you your situation and will go over the requirements with you. 

To apply you will be required to provide detail about your professional music background, your reason for approaching Unison, and information about your financial situation. Many people find it difficult to talk about finances like this, so we provide guidelines explaining exactly what is needed.  

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis situation, Unison works to provide support to as many people as possible with the limited funds available. A payment of $1,000.00 may be made to qualified applicants to help meet basic living needs.Other sources of financial relief you may receive do not affect your eligibility for Unison assistance.

Note that your receipt of any government funding at any level does not affect your eligibility for Unison’s COVID emergency relief, and acceptance of Unison financial assistance does not affect your eligibility to access government funding at any level. Unison’s financial assistance is a monetary gift, not income, and is non-taxable.

If your circumstances are severe but are not directly as a result of COVID-19, please contact us at We will work with you to determine how we may best support you in the short term. Unison can provide counselling, referral, and support to address continuing challenges or difficulties. 

In this case, a committee will review your application, which will be known to them only by a file name. We will maintain all information that you provide to us in strict confidence in accordance with our privacy policy, a copy of which is available here

If you are approved, you will be provided with emergency financial assistance and/or financial, career or personal counselling. Assistance will be tailored to each applicant’s personal circumstances.

If you are unsure if Unison Benevolent Fund can help you, please contact us directly at

For more information, please look over the Financial Assistance process.