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Upcoming events
Jul 30th

Canadian Music T-Shirt Day

Rep your favourite Canadian artists on Friday July 30.  Give back to the people who soundtrack your life by wearing and sharing a Canadian music t-shirt.


How you can join the party

Wear it: Buy a t-shirt from your favourite Canadian artist ASAP (or pull one out of the closet) and wear it loud and proud on Friday July 30.

Share it: share your best selfies and tag @cdnmusictshirtday/#cndmusictshirtday + tag the artist you’re wearing 🖤

Aug 07th

Bronte Arts Market

We know that the past year has been hard for the music industry and if you're a musician or band who has merch, Goodfarken want to help you out!

Goodfarken will be hosting the first Bronte Arts Market outdoors on Saturday August 7th! In addition to local artisans selling their goods, Goodfarken are offering free space for local musicians who would like to come play a 30-60min set and sell their merch.

Sep 20th

La Montreal *Presque* classique de golf bénéfice d’Unison 2021

La Classique de golf bénéfice Unison amasse des fonds depuis 7 ans. À ce jour, l’événement a amassé plus de 1,000,000 $ en soutien au Fonds de bienfaisance Unison

La *Presque* classique de golf bénéfice d’Unison 2021 adhérera aux mesures de sécurité entourant la COVID-19 et sera organisée de façon à ce que tous les golfeurs puissent passer une journée agréable et sécuritaire sur le terrain. Nous sommes impatients de vous voir sur le terrain! 

Sep 28th

2021 Toronto Unison Charity *ALMOST* Golf Classic

The Unison Charity Golf Classic has been raising funds for 7 years. To date, the Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal tournaments have raised well over $1,000,000 in support of the Unison Fund.  

The 2021 Toronto Unison Charity Golf ALMOST Classic will adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines and be set up to ensure that all golfers have a fun and safe day on the course. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the green!